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Commercial window cleaning


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lavage de vitres à Ottawa

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Why us?

DL Window offers unmatched commercial window cleaning services to small and large businesses, government offices and government buildings across the National Capital Region and Ontario.

Quality Services
Quality Services

Whether the project requires a scraper, chair or scaffold, DL Building Services is ready to deliver a superior service.

Responsive customer service
Responsive customer service

We go the extra mile to provide outstanding customer service that stands out as soon as the initial contact.

Professional service
Professional service

Before even taking their first scraper, every employee must go through a background check and complete a full training on our principles of professional window cleaning and safety.

Flexible schedule
Flexible schedule

Our team is committed to accommodate you in the choice of dates for the services required.

Our Priorities

Here's what each member of our team cares about

DL Building Services makes sure that all its employees are adequately trained to provide a service that meets the highest expectations and a 100% satisfaction guarantee

We work with each client to ensure that the work is done at a convenient time and within deadlines

We strive to provide impeccable service, leaving as the only evidence of our passage the superior cleanliness of the interior and / or exterior of your building.

Our Services

Services offered in the Gatineau / Ottawa region.

Parking lot cleaning services

Cleaning services for interior, exterior and underground parkings.

Pressure washing

To remove dirt and grime from your walls, sidewalks, parking lots and more. Commercial or residential jobs


Removal, repair and restoration of old caulking. Preserve the appearance of your residential and commercial buildings.

Professional high rise window cleaning

Our experienced team is ready for all types of high rise buildings.

Commercial window cleaning

For commercial and government buildings.

Residential window cleaning

Interior and exterior window cleaning for residential properties

Roof snow removal

For a safer building either for commercial or residential application

Post construction cleaning

From small commercial projects to big construciton projects, our team is there to help !

Roof anchor inspection

Maintenance and annual inspection

Gutter cleaning

Clog off your gutters and get the water flowing

Swing stage rental

For any building maintenance purpose, we have the swing rental you need !

Christmas lighting installation

Christmas lights installation for small bungalow, houses, big apartment buildings and more.

Flag installation

Service for schools, government or any other institution that needs to install or dismantle a flag.

Spider abatement services

Prevent spiders from getting in your house or building. Get rid of spiders.

Graffiti removal

Clean your house or building with a team of experienced graffiti remover

Gatineau - Ottawa Downtown and regions
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