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Whatever the size of your building, we offer the most professional quality caulking service in Ottawa. Our highly qualified and experienced team uses only the best products to offer our customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Caulking is a flexible product used to seal building exterior spaces against air, water, dirt and insects, or as a component in a fire protection system. It can also be used to seal joints in prefabricated concrete tunnel segments.

Our range of caulking products and services is specifically made with your needs and expectations in mind. We repair faulty joints, help improve your energy consumption, and maintain the integrity and appearance of your building

Our guarantee:
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed for residential and commercial services.
  • All employees are trained for workplace safety and maintenance work to provide you with impeccable service
  • A criminal background check is done on all our employees.
  • Doors and windows
  • Facades
  • Fire protection
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Satisfaction guaranteed

DL Building Services offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all work done!

Popular Questions

What time of the year is best to do caulking?

Caulking can be done all year long ! We offer the service for temperatures going from -20c.  to +35c.

How do you know the caulking needs to be redone?

When the caulking «fails», it is usually possible to see cracks or air bubbles. It is sometimes not visible, but you can feel a draft coming from the windows when they are closed. If you’re not sure, you can always ask one of our specialists to assist you and come to your location to evaluate the situation !

Why is it so important to replace failed caulking?

Caulking is the main part that seals your building from the exterior. «Failed» caulking let the exterior air get through and can cause expensive energy consumption for heating or cooling. It can also bring moist problems and dirt accumulation over time.

What forms of payment do you accept?

DL Building Services accepts payments by check or in cash.

How can I be sure DL Building Services will perform the highest quality work?

DL Building Services offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all business and private work. We're not satisfied until the you are ! In addition to our guarantee, the entire team is fully prepared and trained in order to deliver a work that meets your standards. DL also does some verifications and background checks on all its employees, meaning that you can trust each and everyone one of the workers that we send you.

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