Pressure washing

High pressure washing services

Regardless of the size of your building, we offer a pressure washing service of professional quality, the best in Ottawa. Our highly qualified and experienced team exclusively uses the latest technologies, ensuring no damage, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Particular attention is paid to accumulated dust, gum, bird droppings, stains and marks of slippage caused by vehicles. We will be pleased to show you the results by cleaning a small sample area on your property, and then offer you a range of flexible services and a maintenance plan specifically designed to your needs.

Our guarantee:
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed for residential and commercial services.
  • All employees are trained for workplace safety and maintenance work to provide you with impeccable service
  • A criminal background check is done on all our employees.
  • Entrances in interlocking pavement and sidewalks
  • Commercial parking areas and properties
  • Brick and exterior cladding
  • Spray paint removal
  • Sand and water jet
Flexible hours

We find a time window that meets your needs

Fast service

Expert team to do the job quickly

Satisfaction guaranteed

DL Building Services offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all work done!

Popular Questions

Is DL offering pressure washing services for buildings ?

Yes! We have the tools and experience to offer a wide range of pressure washing for high rise buildings and commercial surfaces.

Will pressure washing damage my home ?

No ! Our experienced and trained workers know which surface can be pressure washed and how to do it properly.

Why should I choose a professional to pressure wash my home?

Pressure washing can become tricky when trying to choose the power of your machine, the products to use, which surface to wash, and most importantly when trying not to cause damage to your house ! DL Building Services has trained and experienced employees that can take all those decisions. The result is a safer work and a longer lasting wash.

What forms of payment do you accept?

DL Building Services accepts payments by check or in cash.

How can I be sure DL Building Services will perform the highest quality work?

DL Building Services offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all business and private work. We're not satisfied until the you are ! In addition to our guarantee, the entire team is fully prepared and trained in order to deliver a work that meets your standards. DL also does some verifications and background checks on all its employees, meaning that you can trust each and everyone one of the workers that we send you.

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